This update contains a major revision of the 2 template-{tags} in which the hard-coding stuff were removed. This allows you a higher flexibility with the design of your individual HTML template. Although I am always endeavor to ensure that the update completely automatic, in this case a manual intervention from your side cannot be avoided. It is the very first and hopefully last time.

You have to adapt the syntax in your templates as follows:

from this


to that


{taxtotal text=[% Mwst.]} {taxtotal_start}

      <td>{taxtotal_percent}% Mwst</td>
      <td class="text-right">{taxtotal_value}</td>



      <td class="item-quantity">{item_quantity}</td>
      <td class="item-entity">{item_entity}</td>
      <td class="item-title">{item_title}<br />{item_desc}</td>
      <td class="item-price">{item_price}</td>
      <td class="item-total">{item_total}</td>


Same for {item_doc_start}