Important Note

  • After the installation or upgrade you have to open and save the "Configuration" (of Secretary) which you can find on the left side.

Main new features

  • Locations
    • Since 1.0 it is possible to manage multiple businesses. Now you can add offices, warehouses, venues and other 'rooms' to your businesses.
  • Incremental document numbers
    • When you create or edit a documents folder (e.g. Invoices, Quotes), add the syntax {CNT} or {CNT start=0} (for a start at zero) to the folder number. In the following example two invoices were already created, so when you open a new form, the system will suggest the next number as 3
  • Currencies
    • As a new "Standard" it allows you to manage documents with different currencies for a single business.
  • Documents via Frontend
    • Your customers can view their invoices, quotes etc. on your website through a specific link. However, you must first enable this feature in the "Configuration" (System).
  • Documents via Email
    • You can send your invoices, quotes etc. via Email and as an attachment with one click. If you add an email for the contact in the document form, then a new "Email" tab will appear.
  • More: Installation Routine for Premium Features, a better autocomplete algorithm for products



  • Look for the category "solved" in the Support forum
  • Access
    • 1.4.0 is also a security update with the new access permission 'show.other'. This means that a user group can not only view their own entries but also from others.